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Olga Polichcthouk was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. In 1986 she graduated from St. Petersburg Academy of Decorative and Applied Arts (former Mukhina's). Since 1991 Olga lives in Milan, Italy.


''...As far as my artistic viewpoint is concerned, I believe I am coherent in my desire to carry on the Russian pictorial tradition, which roots go back to ancient Russia, to the spirituality of Icons and, indeed, to Russian Avant­Garde of the beginning of the 20th Century. My desire is to be a national reference point within a multicultural mosaic...

I wish to create an alternative world populated by fantastic objects and by characters which represent the celestial hierarchy: the wise birds of heaven or strangely attuned angels ­ all this is an outlet for the imagination. Actually there is an answer or more than answer to every riddle. I often write nursery rhymes or poetry on my canvases. In my work I try to bring out the reality of things.


My pictures may be understood without reference to positioning. Colors are like pieces of the rainbow to compose a whole or break up this whole, unleashing a storm of colors and then return to a state calm, silence, harmony.


The picture begins to live out its own life, being energized by me however. I attempt to be a good creator ­ I paint my characters and nature with loving care. Even Gorgon Medusa should appear, she will be good and kind­hearted in my work.''


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